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CCTV cameras

CCTV Infra-red colour camera - waterproof - CA5721
Colour camera with high resolution infrared - CA5722
Colour camera CCD Sony 1/3 - CA5723
Colour camera CMOS Infra-red - CA5724
Anti-vandalism colour camera - CA5725
Colour Dome Camera Infra-red in metal casing - CA5727
Discrete design colour camera - CA5726
Dome colour camera 1/3 CCD - CA5728
Dome colour camera 1/3 CMOS - CA5729
Dome colour camera Varifocale High Resolution (520L) - CA5730
Embedded infrafred colour camera 380L - CA5731
Pan & Tilt wireless color camera controlled by remote control - CA5732
Pan & Tilt color camera controlled by buttons on the LCD monitor - CA5733
Wireless night vision camera with USB 2.0 receiver - CA5734
Wireless infrared colour camera - CA5735
High resolution colour camera with variable focal distance - CA5736
Colour CCTV Camera BNC - CA5737
Professional CCD security camera Infrared - CA5738

Video servers

Aviosys IP 9100A Video Server - VI3152
Aviosys Internet Video Server IP 9100B (BNC) Plus - VI3153
IP Video Server MPEG-4 4channel audio/video - VI3154

Server Licenses

GPS tracking

GPS Tracker - GP2214

Full security surveillance systems

Video Surveillance package IP intelligent with night vision - PA6143
Video Surveillance package with server license - PA6144
Video Surveillance package IP intelligent BNC - PA6145
Video Surveillance package 9100B with server license - PA6146
IP Video Server MPEG-4 and 2 colour cameras - PA6147
IP Video Server MPEG-4, 2 colour cameras and server license - PA6148

Digital video recorders

Digital Video Recorder IP 4 channels H.264 with LAN access - DV5611
4 Channel Security Hard Disk Recorder - DV5612
8 Channel Security Hard Disk Recorder - DV5613
Professional digital hard disk recorder with network connection - DV5614

SPY cameras

Spy colour camera in smoke detector - SC8722
Spy colour camera in sprinkler - SC8723
Spy colour camera in PIR casing - SC8724

IP cameras

IP Camera 9060-I 2MP Infrared Indoor - IP8660
IP Camera Aviosys 9060A-MP - 2 mega pixels - IP8661


Video VGA Convertor - AC3451
Security sign stickers - AC6214
Aluminium outdoor housing for CCTV cameras - AC3452

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