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Detect Technology can keep you informed of our online news via a range of RSS-feeds.

Do you want to be the first to know about new features and products available on Detect Technology? Discover how simple and completely free you can be informed about the latest news instantly as it appears on our website.

1. What are RSS-feeds?


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RSS stands for “Rich Site Summary” and contains articles which appear on our website in XML-language. The RSS-feeds can be read and processed in this language, by other programs and websites.

The RSS-feeds are classified by the structure of the website. We have one RSS-feed where by all the news of Detect Technology is displayed.

2. How can I use RSS?

In order to read the RSS-feeds simply and easily you need a RSS-reader. A RSS-reader is a simple program that needs to be installed on you computer. With this program you can read the RSS-feeds of you favourite sites.

Once a RSS-reader is installed you can choose on our site which RSS-feed you want to receive. Detect Technology RSS-feeds are continuously updated.

3. Where can I find a RSS-reader?
There are many RSS-readers (also called Newsreaders) available on the internet.

On our site you can download the free RSS-reader “Feedreader”.

Please find below our RSS-reader of choice.
Download Feed Reader for FREE... Download the FeedReader 3.09 here
4. How can I receive the RSS-feeds from Detect Technology?

You can recognize our RSS feed by

RSS Logo...


RSS Logo...

logos on our website.

RSS Valid...

RSS-Feeds validated by

When you click on this icon you will be referred to the page with the URL of the RSS-feed of your choice. If the RSS-feed does not automatically open in your RSS-reader simply copy and paste the URL from the Feed into your reader. In your RSS-reader you can add the feed of Detect Technology and of other websites.

5. The RSS-feed of Detect Technology.
RSS feed for Detect Technology - Stay up-to-date... RSS feed for Detect Technology - Stay up-to-date

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